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Simulator Engineering Intern-Pathfinder Systems, Inc.

Brief Description of Agency or Firm's Mission:
Pathfinder Systems, Inc engages in research and development of new types of training systems for air, ground, sea and space applications with a focus on defense-related training simulators and on research applications for very large remotely piloted aircraft.

Describe the value of the proposed Internship to the Agency/Firm:
The intern will provide engineering, technical writing, analysis, and hands on lab work, depending on project assignment and intern qualifications. The intern will contribute to product quality and timely delivery. We encourage innovative solutions - what we typically do is build systems never built before. Inventiveness and diligence of interns in pursuing solutions invented is very valuable to us.

Describe the value of the proposed Internship to the Intern:
The intern will have significant, real-world experience as part of a small, dedicated, capable team. She or he will work on advanced software, making use of the tremendous processing power of Graphic Processing Units. It will be also satisfying how a simulator emerges from concept through engineering and testing into an operational system, which will coincide with the period of internship as we finish testing and prepare to deliver an upgrade to the Royal Netherlands Air Force's Door Gunner Simulator (DGS) device. An intern with Pathfinder is not just a junior member of the team who will "reproduce papers and get coffee," but someone with real responsibility of the kind that many young people do not see for many years after entering the work force of a larger organization.

Special work opportunities which an intern may have as a voluntary choice:
If an intern is a Dutch speaker, she may, if she or he wishes and the program requires it, travel to the Netherlands approximately for a week with a senior Pathfinder representative.
Interns, who have at least a Student Pilot certificate, may, with permission from parents and the CLIMB program and after training by Pathfinder, participate in flight tests as instrumentation operators on board light aircraft.

Job Description (should include: hours of work, job responsibilities, reporting structure -- chain of command, a description of the intern's "typical" day):
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, with some flexibility (accommodation for those using mass transit). Testing of our systems sometimes requires working odd hours and we assume the intern wants to be a part of that testing and is interested in the outcome. He/she will report day-to-day to a Program Manager, and will work daily with graduate engineers and professionals. Job responsibilities will be one of two kinds, depending on the intern's area of studies and inclinations. Those with business or humanities backgrounds may be involved with coordination of activities, documentation, and cost estimates; those with engineering or scientific backgrounds could participate in design, development, testing, delivery, and documentation of systems.

Management Goals: (should include: role of supervisor, frequency of intermediate reviews, expectations of intern, and an explanation of how the intern fits into the organization's goals -- please indicate whether supervisor works full-time or part-time):
The supervisor will assign and guide the intern's work, and make sure that he/she has assignments that match his/her capabilities and interests. Our objective is to provide serious, interesting work; however, indirectly the interaction between the intern and his/her supervisor results in work that is also "fun." The intern's supervisor will be a full-time employee of Pathfinder Systems.

Additional Information:
Students are responsible for coordinating their own transportation to and from the workplace, although in past years Pathfinder was able to provide interns with their own car, and the opportunity may exist for the current period as well. There is good light rail transport to the vicinity of of the company.

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Ms. Sheila L. Jaszlics
Pathfinder Systems, Inc.
12567 West Cedar Drive, Suite 150
Lakewood, CO 80228

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2014 Interns: Patrick Wilczynski -- and Valentina Lyau --
2015 Intern: Abigail Okazaki --
2016 Intern: Joey Murphy --