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Software Engineer (Full-time)

Datavant is looking for software engineers (full-time) who love big data, thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, and who share our drive to transform the healthcare industry. In exchange for your time and talent, we'll give you ownership and an unprecedented amount of responsibility from day one. 


Datavant is on an aggressive mission to connect the world’s health data. By eliminating barriers to healthcare data across numerous silos, Datavant will improve the likelihood of success for new drugs, reduce the cost of the drug development process, and help providers deliver better care. 

The average person has data scattered across 5+ different primary care physicians, 10+ different specialists or hospital EHR systems, 5+ insurers, 5+ pharmacies...not to mention emerging sources, like wearable tech, genetic profiles, and beyond. That represents a massive amount of data, living in disparate silos. Providing better patient care requires a holistic, integrated view of all of this data, but that “holy grail” has been unattainable, largely due to regulatory restrictions, privacy laws, and the misalignment of the economic incentives of the numerous stakeholders in the complex healthcare ecosystem. Datavant’s goal is to become the Operating System for Health Data, delivering the interoperability required to safely unlock the world of information that exists about patients, and enabling an ecosystem of applications that provide sophisticated analytics. 

From a social perspective, Datavant believes that interoperability of health data is the biggest missing link required to unlock the power of big data and AI to saving lives: improving patient care with precision treatments, speeding paths to drug development, and better deciphering value. Datavant believes that plenty of data exists that can be applied to better medical treatments, and plenty of sophisticated analytics and AI exists-- but the biggest bottleneck is making the system work together. Datavant aims to solve this.

Like many San Francisco start­ups, Datavant is fast­-paced, engineering-driven, and focused on challenging the status quo. And yes, we play board games, have free food, and go on team hiking trips. But cultures are defined on how they are different, not how they are the same. Our cultural values define us:

  • We believe in more responsibility, and less rules.
  • We believe that perfect is good, but done is better. 
  • We believe that time is our most valuable asset and should never be wasted. 
  • We believe in playing to strengths. 
  • We believe that feedback is a gift. 
  • We work hard. We are hungry to change the world.
  • We should always pass the “mom test.” (Whenever confronted with an ethical decision, you should ask yourself “Would I be proud of explaining my decision to my mom?”)


At Datavant, we believe in learning by doing, so we give you access to our code base on your first day. By the end of your first week, you will have built, fixed (and probably broken things!) in our production code. That’s not only okay; it’s expected. One of our guiding values is "give more responsibility, have fewer rules”.

We’re firm believers in growing our team members. Don’t know our tech stack well? No problem. You’ll work alongside our engineers and enjoy mentorship and guidance from experienced leaders and learn what you need to succeed on the job.

At Datavant, we have a bias toward action. We believe hard work leads to personal and professional growth. We celebrate pushing outside of our comfort zone. 

Note: All levels of software development experience are welcome to apply -- we are looking to build out our early stage team, including both junior and senior engineers.


  • Exceptional at writing scalable, production-ready code (tech stack doesn't matter -- it can be learned on the job)
  • Strong competence in building and scaling data flows
  • Great at working with non-artificial intelligence: good team player, and exceptional communicator
  • Passionate about building a big business that transforms the healthcare industry
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Excited about the ambiguity of an entrepreneurial, rapidly growing company, and able to juggle many projects and responsibilities


  • Track Record of Success 
  • Technical Bar 
  • Interest in Datavant 
  • Ability to Navigate Ambiguity 
  • Self Advocating 
  • Curiosity 
  • Humility 
  • Structured Communicator 
  • Collaborative/Team Player