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Deans' Peer Tutoring Program - Fall 2021 Peer Tutor

Peer Tutors – Deans’ Peer Tutoring Program

The Deans’ Peer Tutoring Program is seeking dependable, organized, and professional students, who are friendly, patient, and respectful to others, and will maintain the confidentiality of tutees while upholding the standards of academic integrity set by Wesleyan’s Honor Code.

The Deans’ Peer Tutoring Program creates a learning community in which students can support and enrich each other’s academic and intellectual development. This program strives to create a bridge between students who have excelled in their previous coursework and those who are currently enrolled and would like some extra assistance.

The Deans’ Peer Tutoring Program provides workshops and resources for tutors on how to best serve their peers. The program aims to improve tutors' communication and teaching skills, which is applied in tutoring sessions, in order to enhance peer-to-peer support within the academic setting.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide supplementary course-content instruction for students who request additional course support
  • Coordinate times to meet with assigned tutees
  • Meet regularly with assigned tutees up to 2 hours per week
  • Participate in offered trainings, and access the resources provided through the Deans’ Peer Tutoring Moodle page

General Qualifications

  • Must have earned an A- or better in the course (or demonstrated equivalent)
  • Must have received a faculty recommendation for tutoring the course (only required once per each course):
  • Must complete the Enrollment Form each semester (will be emailed via Handshake after applying)
  • Must review the Tutor Orientation information on Moodle (students will be added to the Deans’ Peer Tutoring Moodle site once enrolled)

Expectations for Peer Tutors

Tutors will maintain the confidentiality of tutees

Tutors are only paid for matches made by the Deans’ Peer Tutoring Program

  • Tutoring is provided primarily in small groups, for students who have completed a request and been matched with a tutoring group
  • Tutors can request to meet with a specific group when completing the tutor enrollment form

Tutors will NOT make up an answer if they are unsure

  • Tutors will model effective problem solving to help a student find an answer using the course materials
  • Tutors will assist a student in formulating a question (in writing) to bring to the instructor

Tutors do not do homework with students

  • Tutors help students understand the concepts behind problems, and/or the process of solving problems, they do not solve problems directly
  • Peer tutors may not assist students with work on take-home exams or problem sets

During the semester, tutors are asked to fill out a Check-In Form regarding students’ progress with tutoring

  • Tutors complete this for each student in a timely manner
  • Tutors are compensated for their time filling out the form

Department Location

Student Academic Resources, North College, Room 022

Evaluation procedure

Tutors are evaluated by students receiving tutoring services and must follow policies and procedures as outlined in the Tutoring Moodle.

Hourly Pay Rate

The base pay rate for the Peer Tutor position is $13/hour.

Schedule and hours per week

Work schedules are determined each semester, based on student availability. Students are expected to work a minimum of 2 hours per week per match when classes are in session. Students indicate on the Tutor Enrollment Form how many total hours they are available to work in the current semester for all matches, and expected to notify Deans’ Peer Tutoring Program immediately if their availability changes.

Application Process

  1. Apply through Handshake to receive an email with the link to complete your Enrollment Form.
  2. Complete the Tutor Enrollment Form for the Fall 2021 semester. Applicants who do not complete this form will not be considered for the position.
  3. Ensure your payroll and direct deposit is set up properly. If you are unsure, please contact the payroll office directly at or 860-685-2670.
  4. Additional information and/or requirements will be sent via email from


  • Laura Patey, Dean for Academic Advancement
  • Crystal Rose Hill-Farrell, Accessibility Specialist

Primary Contact

  • Crystal Rose Hill-Farrell

Contact Email