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WesWell- WesBAM Instructor (28261)

Duties and responsibilities:

The responsibilities of a WesBAM! Instructor are part independently driven through organizing their individual class, and part team driven to help the WesBAM! community flourish. Independently, the instructor is encouraged to build a class program that they are passionate about. As a team, instructors are expected to attend all staff meetings, and volunteer for group events, such as Promo Week. Typical time spent as an instructor and meeting other WesBAM!/WesWell obligations is 3-4 hours a week.

General qualifications:  

  • An understanding that you possess personal responsibilities for your individual class, and team responsibilities to collaborate with the other instructors.
  • Well-organized, accountable, strong communication skills, and a passion for wellness.
  • Proof of a nationally accepted certification in the discipline you wish to teach.
  • Assist with at least 1 WesWell event per semester - outside of regularly taught classes.
  • Attend monthly meetings and social gatherings.
  • Hosting and organizing at least one community class or one community program per semester.
  • Regularly showing up on-time and prepared to teach your classes.
  • Enthusiastic assist with advertising and promotion of all WesBAM! classes and events.

Evaluation procedure: 
Obeservation by WesBAM Student Manager

Classification levels:

Scheduling and hours per week: 
3-4 hours

Department location: 
Davison Health Center
287 High St. Room 105
Middletown, CT 06459

Application process:

Please email proof of fitness certification for the class you are interested in teaching to

After applications close, we will reach out to you about scheduling a virtual audition dung the first few weeks of the semester. This is a chance to showcase your teaching style, and it also gives us a chance to give you some feedback. Please prepare a 15 minute sample class, and our current instructors will serve as your students.

WesBAM Student Manager
WesWell Director

Contact name(s):
September Johnson

Contact email(s):