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Clean Energy Internships for Science/Technology/Math/Engineering at National Lab, Golden, CO

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) is providing research experience at various Department of Energy labs for students who are pursuing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. Selected students will intern at one of 17 participating DOE labs. SULI’s host lab in Colorado is National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the nation’s primary lab for energy efficiency. Research opportunities have included appointments in all research areas and the chance to be in on the ground floor of world-class renewable energy research.

NREL conducts research in about 50 areas of scientific investigation, including:

Wind Energy
Biomass-derived fuels and chemicals
Building Efficiency
Advanced Vehicles
Industrial processes
Solar Thermal Systems
Fuel Cells
Distributed Energy Resources
Measurement and testing of renewable energy systems
Hybrid systems
Basic Energy Research
Scientific Computing
Energy Analysis

NREL has been around for 37 years and has never stopped innovating. Some recent highlights:

Developing methane-eating micro-organisms to dampen the greenhouse gases emitted via the fracking process.
Research on perovskite, a new solar material that is shooting up the efficiency charts faster than anything researchers have seen before. NREL’s unique characterization capabilities, together with its expertise in materials science and reliability set it up as a key player in the new field.
Work with auto manufacturers on increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of hydrogen fuel cells, a transportation fuel alternative that emits nothing but water from the tailpipe.
NREL has created crystalline nanotubes and nanorods to boost the power and durability of lithium-ion batteries, the power source of laptops, cell phones, and electric cars, a $16 billion a year market.
NREL’s new teraflop supercomputer Peregrine has the crunching power capable of simulating everything from downstream flow on wind farms to the minute movements of molecules, and catches scientists by surprise on a regular basis. New revelations hasten the day when wind, solar, and biofuels will reach cost parity with fossil fuels.

Selected students receive a stipend of $500/per week plus some travel expenses may be covered and housing is often covered.
SULI Benefits:
Stipend — $500 per week
Housing— stipend available permanent address is more than 50 miles from NREL
Travel — To and from NREL (airfare or personal car mileage for more than 50 miles from NREL)

Deadline for application is
​JANUARY 13, 2017 AT 5:00 PM ET
More information available at

If accepted into the programs described above, you may choose, or not, to live in Denver and participate in the Colorado Leaders, Interns and Mentors in Business (CLIMB) internship program. NREL offers a housing stipend which may cover the cost of living with the CLIMB interns at Campus Village. CLIMB offers students introductions to the community and its leaders, alumni mentorships, interesting events and cooperates on group housing for the summer. Please contact Suzanne MacKenzie at or 303-882-0274 for questions about housing costs or CLIMB.