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We are a leading client-centric global universal bank trusted the world over to deliver a wide-range of innovative products and services in investment, corporate and retail banking as well as in asset and wealth management. Operating in every region of the world, we are a leader in our German home market with an outstanding position in Europe. We have a strong competitive position in North America as well as in key emerging markets, particularly in Asia. At Deutsche Bank, we encourage you to think for yourself and reward integrity. We believe that by working collaboratively with a diverse and inclusive team, you can use your individuality to drive forward market-leading solutions. Join us, and you’ll be given the support you need to build a rewarding career.


Commercial Real Estate Summer Analyst

July 2020 - August 2020 New York City, NY
“Spending the summer with Deutsche Bank was one of the most rewarding internship experiences I could ask for. With a worldwide pandemic occurring, I had discounted my expectations for the internship and was pleasantly surprised at the Bank's ability to adapt to a digital internship format. The HR team at DB was fantastic in adopting the new format, and every day we met virtually with various heads of the US and European groups, gaining valuable insight into the current market environment, and learning what it means to be a part of Deutsche Bank. The internship was split into two segments: HR and divisional-specific training. In the two weeks with HR, we learned about the Bank's history, heard from various heads of the Bank's four divisions, and received training on financial modeling, market functions, working from home, in addition to many other resources. During the second segment in the Commercial Real Estate division, I was given full autonomy to familiarize myself with the two case studies, construct an analysis, and present my findings to the CRE team. Additionally, we had regular meetings with the leaders of the CRE divisions, gaining valuable insight into DB's CRE strategy on a global scale. The team was fantastic at making themselves available to answer questions, give insight into their specific roles at the Bank, or simply chat and get to know one another. Overall, I was most surprised by how many people have worked at the Bank for 10+ years. Initially, I was hesitant on accepting my internship offer due to the negative press the Bank has received over the years. During the internship, however, I was shocked at the progress of the Bank in addressing its past mistakes and implementing restructuring to ensure its longevity. I genuinely believe the Bank takes pride in investing in its employees, and it shows through the uniquely conducive work environment fostered at DB. ”

Investment Banking Analyst Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Jacksonville, FL
“Culture, Ability to Learn, Pay, The Team, Intern Events”
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